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      Janis Music would like to thank all our customers for their understanding this past few months. Let me explain. In July of 2013 I was diagnosed with liver cancer. I was referred to California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco for treatment and was treated with an R.F. Ablation procedure. That stopped the cancer, but I still required a transplant and was put on the National Registry. With weekly blood tests and monthly scans, I waited for an organ.              Last December 21st at 3:00pm I received a call that an organ may be available and to start driving. We arrived in San Francisco at 9:00pm driving through the worst storm of the year. We were told that paperwork and more tests needed to be done. At about 2:00am on the 22nd we were told that we had a match and the surgery would be at 4:00am. 10 hours later I awoke in the recovery unit with my wife at my side. I was to spend approximately 30 days in or near the hospital where they could monitor the new organ. My recovery went fairly smooth, just a few bumps and I was home in late January to continue my recovery. In mid-April, I came down with pneumonia and had to return to C.P.M.C.for a week. I wish to thank you for your understanding while we struggle through this first year. The Music Business to us is  more than our friends it’s our family. To all those who were aware, thank you so much for all your prayers! Special thanks to Lloyd Stark sales manager at Saga Musical Instruments for the emergency delivery of Ukeleles to the hospital for the some of the staff. That’s service!

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     If you have been in the store lately you might have seen a black acoustic guitar hanging on the wall behind the counter. That probably doesn’t seem strange for a music store until you see the sign on the guitar that reads “Help Me Find My Mama”. The guitar was brought to us by someone that found it along Interstate 5 heading toward Stockton. It was along side of the road in a black foam case.  It had apparently fallen out of a truck traveling at high speed. The case was almost completely destroyed but the guitar survived. We hoped from the items found in the case with our price tags, we might reunite this guitar with it’s owner. It finally happened. We reunited the guitar with it’s original owner Charles Kautzer. The guitar had been stolen and presumed lost. It was great to see this guitar find it’s way back to it’s original owner. Sometimes things just work out right.

   Janis Music Studios Spring performance

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janis music studios summer band performances

    Our Summer Band Groups and students have played their first gig at the Orchard Valley promenade this year. The turnout was great with some family members coming from as far away as Sacramento. The older group was even offered a paying gig at a local party. Everyone had a great day and they drew a good crowd with many people eating their Red Robin burgers outside to see the show. I’ve included a few pictures below but more can be seen on our students page.  The schedule also included dates at the Farmers Market at Library park.


janis music studios winter performance 2012

Our winter performance is scheduled for December 8th and we will be at Rookies next to Strike Zone. This is a great venue for us  providing food, drinks, and activities for the younger kids in the family. We have two shows like last year. This years winter performance surpassed all previous attendance records with over 100 students taking part. We also saw the introduction of three new rock groups. The Essentials, The Molotov’s and Catch Phrase. Also new for this year was our String Ensemble Group with violins, viola and cello and a String Theory group. We will have some photos coming soon.